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Who are we?

- EKZ engineering team -

The Company

Elektro Kruno d.o.o. (Ltd.) is a private company based in Croatia. Since our start back in 2016, we have constantly been advancing towards a healthy and professional environment, which can deal with various and complex projects in the field of electrical and mechanical engineering. Soon after the start, our competence and expertise (as well as corresponding references), launched us in the European market, where we have been operating with the best business referrals ever since.

The People

The core of our company are highly motivated, educated, and competent people who can manage any task professionally and within set deadlines. As our market expanded, so did the number of our employees. At the moment, we are employing more than 100 people, however, as we are on the constant lookout for fresh minds, the given number is in a constant state of growth. Want to join our team? Send us your application via JoinUs form, and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.

The Experience

Even though we are a relatively new company in the field, the number of the projects we have successfully dealt with so far is rather high (even for European standards). The success is almost entirely down to deeply knowledgeable and experienced people that we employ, some of whom are bachelor, master and even PhD degree holders. You can get a brief insight into our expertise by following the Projects button and browsing through some of our finished projects.

Our connections

- Within and outside Croatia -

Conquering Europe

Taking into account both past and current projects, so far we have managed to meet our customers’ demands in 15 European countries (Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Czech Republic, Denmark, United Kingdom - and counting). Not to forget, a big portion of our work is still done back at home.


We are proud to say that some of our respected partners are regarded today as industrial automation giants (Siemens, Vanderlande, TGW, EBZ, Dematic, etc.). Similar can be said for our clients, i.e. companies such as Amazon, DHL, UPS – the world’s biggest parcel delivery services. It is also worth mentioning that many of our projects were (and still are) for automotive giants such as BMW, Mercedes and Porsche.

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If you wish to stay connected with us for possible future employment, or just want to be notified about new projects that we have been working on, visit our LinkedIn page. We are also active on social media (at the moment Facebook only), so go and check us out there as well.

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